Letters to the Editor

Museum looking for windmill towers

| September 2006

The Mid-America Windmill Museum is in need of windmill towers and/or associated artifacts that can be restored and used to mount historical windmills produced in America. The Mid-America Windmill Museum and Historical Society Inc. is a non-profit corporation dedicated to providing a museum to collect, display and preserve the story of the use of wind power in America. Our website is: www.midamericawindmillmuseum.com

In return for every windmill tower donation, the museum and historical society is offering a $250 donation tax credit and four free passes to the museum, which is located at 732 S. Allen Chapel Road, Kendallville, Ind.

Mid-America Windmill Museum volunteers will dismantle and transport a donated windmill tower to a location where it will be restored and eventually become part of a historical display. Each donor's tower will be preserved with a commemorative plate.

To make a donation or for more information, contact me at (260) 347-9136 (work), (260) 347-1507 (home), or via e-mail. jdst13n@ligtel.com

- Jerry Stienbarger
"Operation Windmill"
project coordinator