Letters to the Editor

Need parts for potato digger

| April 2007

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  • PotatoDigger.jpg

I am refurbishing a Boss potato digger, manufactured by LeRoy Plough Co., LeRoy, N.Y. I believe it dates to the 1880s. It is horse-drawn with great engineering design, as rotating iron fingers rotate in either direction by moving a lever in the center to the right or left to engage the drive gear. The potatoes and stones must have been thrown about because of the attached leg guard.

I am looking for parts to complete the digger. The missing parts include the ring above the fingers, rooster's comb bracket (to hold the shoe up at row end) and a holding bracket bolted to the tongue. All of the parts I have were given to me by Edward Wheeler. Also, I have a Hoy potato digger, patented 1886, manufactured by Spencer, Port, N.Y. This digger shows a lot of wear on the ground-level parts.

My barn is filling up over the years of collecting - cotton feed sacks, apple slicers, corn shellers, cast iron seats, hay carriers and forks, and more farm tools from the 1800s. I have not been very interested in spark plug antiques; I spend enough time on quiet stuff.

- Ron Bennett
1870 Strong Road
Victor, NY 14564
e-mail: ronb1@frontiernet.net