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Letters to the Editor

I was just reading the August 2007 issue of Farm
and couldn’t help but see your article “Start of a
New Era.” Wasn’t this the same combine they used in a movie
starring Alan Ladd? It was about a custom thresher who started in
Texas and wound up in the Dakotas.

Oscar Will’s story caught my eye, too. Eden isn’t so far from
here and I get up that way to auctions now and then. Anyway, it’s
the name that caught my eye. The name Steinmetz was big in the drag
racing circle at Pocatello, Idaho, not so far from Eden.

The last time I wrote to you, I was talking about picking up
stuff along the road. Well, I beat the hydraulic jack I said was
the top prize back then. I was coming across country on Route 40
and saw this bag of stuff on the road. So automatically I pulled
over and yeah! It’s a bag of three blankets, a pair of shoes and
two odd shoes. The shoes fit so I put them on the next day. When I
took them off, they had an insole and under the insole was $27. So
I not only got three good blankets and almost new pair of shoes,
but a bonus of $27. Now you know why us scavengers stop.

Harold Rossow
Weston, Idaho

  • Published on Feb 1, 2008
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