Letters to the Editor

Remembering the harvest with scale model

| June 2007

  • Harvesting.jpg
    Harvesting in the west.
  • ScaleModel51.jpg
    A scale Model 51, built from memory.

  • Harvesting.jpg
  • ScaleModel51.jpg

Just thought I would put in my part on the cover photo of the January 2007 Farm Collector. I grew up farming in Pendleton, Ore. I started working around the old IH Model 51 in 1941. I drove various Caterpillars pulling a Model 51 until 1957.

I built the scale Model 51 shown here from memory. The Harvester is made of tin and the late 1920s Cat Model Sixty is made of oak.

- Dick D. Bowman
Unit 11, 1652 Wiltsey Road S.E.
Salem, OR 97306