Letters to the Editor

Restored wheelbarrow is family heirloom

| September 2006

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The day I received my June issue of Farm Collector, I had just finished restoring an old wood and metal wheelbarrow. On page 4 of that issue, there was a letter picturing a restored iron wheelbarrow.

My older brother built the wheelbarrow I restored when he was in high school in the early 1930s. It had been outside all the time so the wood was almost gone and some of the metal had deteriorated.

I had to cut or drill some of the old bolts loose, and I repaired some of the metal with plumber's epoxy putty. After painting the metal, replacing bolts, and designing and cutting new wood, the wheelbarrow was placed in the front yard with some flowering pots to finish the job. I wanted to rebuild this wheelbarrow for sentimental reasons: My brother died while he was a junior in high school and I was a freshman. It will not be used as a work wheelbarrow.

- Warren Peterson
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