Letters to the Editor

Roadside Revelations

| January 2005

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  • RoadsideRevelations.jpg

I am writing regarding the November 2004 article on "Roadside Revelations," and the photograph of the tractor belted to an unidentified threshing machine. The unidentified thresher looks just like the Case in my back yard; I have not yet identified the model year.

In the photograph accompanying the November article, and in my photograph, you can see the serial number plate above dead center of the front axle. Mine is difficult to read. I have replaced a lot of the wood, wood bearings and the small wood shaker at the lower back of the machine. I put a bagger on it in place of the grain auger, and took off the straw blower at the back and replaced it with a flat-belted carrier to take peanut hay to a stationary baler.

It is now a peanut thresher. My dad's cousin says all you have to do is adjust the main cutting cylinder wider to stop from making a sorry grade of peanut butter. It grinds up the peanuts, shells and hay in one big mess if not adjusted correctly. Also on the old Case threshers, you knock holes in the bottom to let the sand and dirt out. My Farmall F-20 (with electric starter) belts the machine at an idle. I have all the decals for the thresher and have started to shine the galvanized metal and will paint it in Case red. I might mention I found some green paint on the machine.

- Chuck Carlock
Fort Worth, Texas