Letters to the Editor

Sharing his BA-B John Deere

| October 2006

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I was brought up on a John Deere B, so when my grandson came along, it gave me a perfect reason to make a half-scale B. I called it a BA-B and it gets a lot of attention at shows.

I started with a used engine and built around it. All the ironwork and tin are homemade. It took one full year of tinkering to build the tractor. It sounds and vibrates just like a real B. The gearbox on the front operates two different working displays at shows. One is a little dummy blacksmith with his arm attached to a rotating lever, so he's hitting an anvil and forge. The other turns a 6-foot diameter merry-go-round with five seats and kids all turning.

- Robert Vanderlick
1015 Virginia Ave.
Palm Harbor, FL 34683
(727) 789-9373