Letters to the Editor

Stirring the pot, starting the fire

| January 2005

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  • FireplaceFire-Starter.jpg

The item Edward Hancock purchased ("Stirring the Pot," page 4, November 2004) is a fireplace fire-starter. The pot contains kerosene and the porous rock on the handle is left in the pot to soak. The lid probably has a notch at its edge to accommodate the handle. To start a fire, the rock is placed under the logs and lit. Once the logs are burning, the handle is used to pull out the rock and place it to the side of the firebox where it can cool. Later, the rock is returned to the pot, ready for the next use. These have been in use for many years, and new ones (and replacement parts) can be purchased at fireplace shops. They work extremely well, and are attractive fireplace accessories.

- Mrs. George Sarver
P.O. Box 919
Latexo, TX 75849