Letters to the Editor

Tracking the Greyhound

| June 2007

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What can you tell me about the Greyhound tractor? This photo was taken at the Western Minnesota Steam Threshers Reunion in Rollag, Minn., a few years ago. Is this the same company that makes Greyhound buses? Any idea as to years manufactured, horsepower ratings? Thanks for a good publication.

- Paul Lee
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Poway, CA 92064
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Editor's note: Banting Mfg. Co., Toledo, Ohio, made Greyhound tractors from 1915 to 1930. Craig Detwiler has been researching and compiling information on the company. You can reach him at 14938 County Road 38, Goshen, IN 46528. You can also learn more about the company in Jack Norbeck's book, Encyclopedia of American Steam Traction Engines, now out of print, but sometimes available at used bookstores or through eBay.