Letters to the Editor

Tracking the Jenkins Hay Rake Company

| January 2007

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    The Jenkins sweep hay rake and stacker.

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In a letter to the editor in the November 2006 issue of Farm Collector, John Jenkins asked about the Jenkins company.

The Jenkins Hay Rake & Stacker Co. is shown in an 1893 Buyer's Guide as being located in Browning, Mo. The firm's product is listed as the Jenkins metal truss drag rake, used to work with stackers.

The 1911 Buyer's Guide shows the Jenkins Hay Rake & Stacker Co. had moved to Chillicothe, Mo. Its products were automatic swinging and overshot hay stackers, sweep rakes, alfalfa stackers and push rakes. Jenkins machines were handled by the Moline Plow Co., and its branch houses.

In the 1930 Buyer's Guide, the Jenkins firm was still in Chillicothe and its products were the same. Many jobbers were listed, including Massey-Harris and B.F. Avery, among others.

My next guide is from 1945, and it lists no Jenkins firm, although a Chillicothe (Mo.) Hay Rake & Stacker Co. is listed, which may have been a successor to the Jenkins firm. For more information about the Jenkins company, try contacting the Chillicothe public library, or the city or county historical society.

Sam Moore
Salem, Ohio