Letters to the Editor

Two unknown pieces

| January 2008

  • HorsedrawnCornPlanter.jpg

  • HorsedrawnCornPlanter.jpg

We'd like to get information on two items we recently acquired. The first (right) is a 1-row horse-drawn corn planter with a v-shaped moldboard. The plate on it reads "No. 11 - 14" S&M Lister." The planter has no lid, so we are looking for information on the maker or location.

The second is a churn-like apparatus that we were told is a maple syrup hydrator. The label says "Fletcher Mfg. Co., Toronto, Canada, No. 348." The hydrator is made of metal. It has an upper section complete with circular rod beaters turned with gears and a crank. There is a base completely separate from the upper section by a rounded floor. This base has a capped spout and drain, thus it appears the base was filled with water. Maybe so the contents could be heated? We are not in maple syrup country so we need all the help we can get.

- Arnald and Barbara Walters
R.R. 1
Clive, ALB Canada T0C 0Y0