Letters to the Editor

Wagons, Ho!

| April 2006

If you're interested in wagons of the old West, check out this new website: www.wheelsthatwonthewest.com

Created by enthusiast David Sneed (an occasional contributor to Farm Collector), the site is a fascinating storehouse of information, history, data, images and more on farm, freight, ranch, coach, express and military vehicles of the old West. The site delves into transportation-related information from the 1800s, vintage vehicle company overviews, and behind-the-scenes looks at the trade.

"There's always been a great deal of attention given to the native American Indians, cowboys, miners, homesteaders and even the harsh terrain encountered in the old West - and justifiably so," Sneed notes. "But, it's amazing that so little consideration has been given to the industry that literally drove the western expansion of our country."

The Wheels That Won The West archives draw from a rare collection of vintage literature, photographs, illustrations, books and more than a decade of concentrated research. Through the website, western vehicle fans now have a place to congregate, share information and discover yet another level of excitement in America's Western history.

For more information, visit www.wheelsthatwonthewest.com or e-mail info@wheelsthatwonthewest.com