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Complete hayfork and McCormick-Deering yardstick

There was a picture of a hayfork on page 7 of the February 2010 issue of Farm Collector. Here are a couple pictures of a complete one. The fork measures 21 inches across, and it’s 18 inches high and 50 inches in length. The replaced handle has a round wooden rope pulley for the small rope. The writing on the fork seems to read “ownoor.”

Last November I helped my brother clean up after an estate auction. The old farm shop was full of things accumulated for more than 100 years. We both are collectors, so some stuff didn’t go for scrap. One thing I saved is a yardstick. The writing says “McCormick-Deering Farm Operating Equipment – McCormick Reaper Centennial 1831-1931.” There is a ruler on one side. It was saved all these years.

Marvin Ball
N. Ferrisburgh, Vt.

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  • Published on Apr 8, 2010
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