Connecting Dots on Rubber Tires

Read this reader's letter about Hoyle Pounds, inventor of the rubber tractor tire.

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Bradford DeVries

In reading the well-written articles by Sam Moore (Farm Collector, March and April 2021), I was reminded of a poster I photographed last February at a museum in Winter Garden, Florida.
It features Case dealer Hoyle Pounds. His most famous invention was the rubber tractor tire (Patent No. 1,662,208, awarded March 13, 1928). I have to wonder if Mr. Firestone, who was a friend of Mr. Edison and Mr. Ford and visited them in Ft. Myers, Florida, happened to visit Winter Garden on his way back home to Ohio and learned of Mr. Pounds’ invention. Throughout his life, Pounds continued to invent new equipment. He was the first to adapt LP gas to farm tractors.

Bradford DeVries,

Coopersville, Michigan

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