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Letters: Converting with a Pullford

I am enclosing a picture of a Pullford attachment to make a Model T Ford into a tractor. I have also restored one of the same to showroom condition. The other two photos are of an early 1928 Model AA 1-ton truck that was part of the Minnesota Forestry Service. It has the inventory number on the dash and driving instructions signed by the commissioner of forestry. It now has decals on doors as of that date and axe and shovel racks on the sides. It was named best in its class at World of Wheels in February 2009 in St. Paul.

William Appelgate, 522 Story St., #211,
Story City, IA 50248; e-mail:

Editor’s note:Great project, William! Read more about the Ford Model AA at

  • Published on May 17, 2011
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