Letters: Remembering the Farmall F-14

Several readers recognize and remember using the Farmall F-14, a tractor with a limited production run.

| September 2001

Just received my second issue of your magazine and find it very interesting. It brings back a lot of memories. I grew up the son of an International Harvester dealer and the second tractor that my dad had on our farm was one like the one on your cover.

It was a Farmall F-14 and the one in your photo looks just like it except for the fenders. In this photo the raised steering shaft with the flex joint at the steering gear tells me that it is a 14 and not an F-12 which had a steering shaft level with the hood.

The first tractor that I ever drove was a Farmall 'Regular' that we used to pull a five disk tiller plow and then finished with a disk harrow about six feet wide. That was about 60 years ago on the same farm that I live on now.

Keep up the good work with the Farm Collector magazine.

William Evans Crockett
North Waynesboro, GA

The tractor pictured on the cover of the July issue is an F-14 Farmall. The F-14 was manufactured only in 1938 and 1939. The F-14 is very much like the F-12 except the engine speed on the F-14 was 1,650 RPM. (The F-12 had 1,400 RPM). A total of 27,396 F-14 tractors were made altogether (15,609 were manufactured in 1938 and 11,787 were built in 1939). The F-14 was available in a wide or narrow front, on steel or rubber. Our 1938 F-14 has steel wheels on the back and rubber tires on the narrow front. The cost of a new F-14 ranged from $655 to $895.

Paul and Aria Wagner
Lansing, IA