Letters: Rare Grain Wagon

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Photo: Jeff Carlock
No lettering or other marks identify the origins of this rare old grain wagon.

I recently acquired an old grain wagon in Ashville, NC. I know very little about it and hope Farm Collector readers can help me identify it. There appear to be no markings of any kind on the wagon. I would appreciate any information concerning the company that made it, the age of the wagon, and the best way to preserve it. These wagons may be common in other parts of the country, but we see very few of them around here.

I am a member of the Chickamauga Antique Tractor Club in northwest Georgia, just 12 miles south of Chattanooga, TN. I’ll be displaying the grain wagon at our local tractor shows. Thanks in advance for any information you can provide.

Jeff Carlock
Rock Spring, GA

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