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Man-powered hay baler query

Enclosed are two pictures of a man-powered hay baler. As you can tell, one is of a baler probably made in the late 1800s. The other is a reproduction that I finished this fall. The only difference is that I have not cut the two center chamber rails off like that are on the old baler. Before I cut them off, I would like any information on this baler, including who first made it, and when and where it was first made.
– Raymond Fenley,
 640 E. Fernigan Rd, Copper Canyon, TX 75077,  (940) 241-2700,

Pump leathers in demand

Regarding the letter about the need for pump leathers in the October issue, the Farm Collector staff might do several of us a service if they could find a manufacturer or retailer for pump leathers. I have a blow torch and plumbers lead pot that need small leathers less than 1 inch in size.
– Richard E. Wetzel,
 2301 61st St, Lubbock, TX 79412

Looking for burr mill illustrations

I am restoring an N.P. Bowsher burr mill, manufactured about 1910. It has a sacking elevator connected to the mill. I would like some pictures or drawings so I could redo the artwork on the hopper and elevator. Thank you.

– Dana Sweet,
4991 N. Satterlee Rd, Coral, MI 49322,

Information sought on corn sheller

I own a corn sheller assembled with hand-wrought nails. It is maroon in color. The company logo is written on the front of the sheller. It reads according to the drawing. Any information would be appreciated.

Also, I enjoy your magazine. The accounts of the past are insightful and informative. One point to critique is on the August 2001 cover. A ‘Jaeger’ engine was featured with no accompanying article. I would like to see more stories on engines and the farm equipment they powered.

– Dale Bybee,
 4171 W. Pelona Canyon Rd., Acton, CA 93510

June Co. information sought

I would like for you to help me find information on the D. June Co. of Fremont, Ohio. The company made traction steam engines. I have a 1906 Champion Traction 6 hp made by D. June Co. It’s a real neat little engine. Also, I am looking for information on Adam’s horse-drawn graders. I have restored two. Thank you.

– Joseph M. Hood,
 9601 N100E, Rushville, IN 46173

Only two owners in 89 years

Leona and I are the second owners of this Titan. It was bought new in 1913 by Mason Holland, according to his widow. We have owned it for 25 years. It was not running when we bought it, but it starts good and runs very well not. Puts on a good show. This picture was taken at Shenandoah, Iowa, as we were about to unload. As you can see, it could out of the field, not the showroom. We thank yo for a great magazine. 

– Arnold and Leona Davison
 Braddyville, IA

Mystery tool

What is it? It is 5 feet long, has 10 shafts, each with braided wire and steel hooks. The crank has two sizes and the shafts are different sizes.

– Gilbert C. Hoogendoorn,
 1497 Gage Dr, Rock Rapids, IA 51246

The kindness of strangers

We would like to relate to you something that happened to my wife and myself when we attended the Scott-Carver Threshers 38th Old Time Harvest Steam & Gas Engine Festival Aug. 4 in Jordan, Minn. The show featured Ford/Fordson tractors, and a meeting of the Minnesota chapter of the Ford and Fordson Collectors Assn. also was held.

After a very enjoyable day at this well-run show, topped off by my wife buying another very nice, restored 2N, we were preparing to load her new purchase and head home when we found a flat tire on the trailer. We thought we had a good spare on a new rim but, with another exhibitor helping us, we soon discovered we had the wrong rim.

A young man with the association came up on a four-wheeler, assessed the situation and returned in a few minutes with John Schultz, who brought over his pick-up and some young gentlemen. They removed the tires from their rims and put the good tire on the correct rim, and then, another gentleman started up his diesel for us and blew up the tire. They helped me hook the trailer back up and stayed until I had the tire back on the ground and was ready to load again.

No matter how hard I tried to pay these gentlemen for getting me out of a bad situation, they would not take payment. They only asked that I return the favor to someone else some day.

So, my wife and I would like to thank Mr. Schultz and his friends, as well as the Scott-Carver Threshers and the Minnesota Chapter of the Ford and Fordson Collectors Assn. for their hospitality and kindness, and for showing once again that tractor people are ‘the salt of the earth.’

By the way, if you’re looking for a really nice time next August, give the Scott-Carver Threshers in Jordan, Minn., a try. You won’t be disappointed.

– Bob and Becky Walsh
 Winthrop, Iowa

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  • Published on Jan 1, 2002
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