Letters: Giant Moline wagon measurements were correct

As a long-time researcher, collector and historian of the early wagon industry, I can help shed some light on any confusion related to the “Giant Moline” wagon. It was indeed built and shown at the 1904 St. Louis World’s Fair – also known as the Louisiana Purchase Exposition. It was 21 feet in length but, counting the tongue, its overall length was 42 feet. So, writer Sam Moore is correct with respect to the overall length. There is a bit of conflict even within the company’s own promotional pieces as some list the height (including seat) as 16 feet while other period flyers record the height as 17 feet. While one Moline piece lists the weight as 9,654 pounds, another company card says the wagon weighed 10,008 pounds. Box capacity is promoted as 640 bushels of small grain and either 350 or 354 bushels of corn (depending on which company literature is followed).
Based on primary source data within my collection, I do not believe this wagon was a part of the 1893 Columbian Exposition in Chicago. I’m confident this mix-up with dates is the only primary issue with the concerns Mr. Moore states in his March 30 blog about his April 2010 article.

David Sneed, Wheels That Won The West® Publishing & Archives,www.wheelsthatwonthewest.com.

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