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Prepared for Y2K with United Washing Machine

I came across an ad for a United washing machine for sale in a local advertisement. I have a United grinder, and as a collector of United engines, I’ve always wanted other products by United.
We collect washers and other things that go with them. I’ve always wanted a United washing machine, so I knew I had to go and look at it. The owner used to have an appliance store in Carson City, and used the washer as a display in his store. He got it from a lady who had had it in her basement, so it had never been outside. It is complete except he painted it all silver, and I had to clean it to find what color the metal was. All the wood has the original lettering. It was just cleaned up and revarnished. It came out real good. The engine is a Type A, 1 1/2 hp. It has been gone over as well.

We have several other washers: some powered by engines, some by hand, and a dog-powered treadmill to run one as well.

So, as other people worry about the problem with the Y2K bug, I guess we can keep our clothes clean. If we run out of gas, we can do it by hand, or put the dog to work.

-Lyle Fall, 303 Milford Court, Apt. 4, Davison, MI 48423

  • Published on Jan 21, 2011
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