Letters: My Brownie Toy Tractor

A reader asks the wider farm collector community for help valuing his Brownie toy tractor.

| May 2006

  • Brownie toy tractor
    A Brownie toy tractor, sans engine.
    Photo: Glen A. Baltzer

  • Brownie toy tractor

I own a Brownie toy tractor, two-seater, powered by a 2 hp Briggs & Stratton engine. It is red and black, and it is in excellent shape. I got some information from the people at the Allan Herschell Company. Do any readers know what my tractor is worth? Also, I'd like to hear from other collectors of these neat tractors.

Peter Strusienski
Tonawanda, NY

Editor's note: Glen A. Baltzer submitted a brief article about his Brownie tractor to our sister publication, Gas Engine Magazine, January 2001.