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First Things: Get Our Magazine Archive on CD

For the collector who’s “got it bad,” rare
finds are not enough. The hunt is not enough. Even a world-class
restoration is not entirely enough. Scratch the surface of a truly
obsessed collector, and you’ve found an individual who wants
information and lots of it. He wants details on production dates
and numbers, manufacturing, shipping, marketing materials,
premiums, patents, and industrial design.

If that information is available, it generally turns up in
a historical society or company archive. Neither is
operated as a public agency, which means you might be allowed a
peek, or you might not. Some archives have an “open door”
policy; others are firmly closed. Some have personnel
who try to assist with requests for information; others simply
don’t have the staff to support that kind of activity.

But for the true devotee, admission to an archive collection is
a stunning experience. Documents, records, photographs, and drawings
give immense insight into an organization’s history. Samples of
early equipment, experimental pieces, and patent models instantly
clarify design developments. Exposure to information like that has
a way of sliding the pieces of the puzzle together in an invaluable

Now, through a new venture at Farm Collector, you have
unlimited access to our magazine archive. Every article, column, and
department (complete with images) we’ve published in our first
seven years is now available on CD — more than 400 articles on
every conceivable category of antique farm equipment, at your
fingertips! Just pop the CD into your computer, and a wealth of
information awaits. It’s easy: You can browse at your leisure, or
search for something of specific interest. And no Internet
connection is necessary!

The archive CD is the perfect solution for the new reader who’d
like access to back issues that are no longer available … as well
as for the longtime subscriber who faces the same problem. It would make a great Father’s Day gift.

We’ve also beefed up our websites. Beginning in May,
all classified ads and show listings published in Farm
will also appear on the websites of Farm
, Gas Engine Magazine, and Steam Traction. Whether you’re buying or selling, your
options have tripled!

You asked for it, we delivered. Farm Collector is your
source for information on vintage farm equipment!

  • Published on May 1, 2006
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