May 2018 Sprouts

Sprouts: A place for kids!

| May 2018

  • Art by Jack Schneider, age 10.
    Illustration by Jack Schneider.
  • Art by Adam Hostetler, age 5.
    Illustration by Adam Hostetler
  • Art by Trace Moser, age 6.
    Illustration by Trace Moser.
  • Trace Moser
    Photo courtesy Trace Moser
  • Art by Anthony Beiler, age 11.
    Illustration by Anthony Beiler
  • Anthony Beiler.
    Photo courtesy Anthony Beiler
  • Art by Braden Major, age 9.
    Illustration by Braden Major
  • Braden Major
    Photo courtesy Braden Major

Jack Schneider • Age 10 • Berger, Mo.

Adam Hostetler • Age 5 • Windsor, Ohio

Trace Moser • Age 6 • McGregor, Iowa

Anthony Beiler • Age 11 • East Earl, Pa.

Braden Major • Age 9 • Oologah, Okla.

All ages shown were at time of submission. Farm Collector is pleased to receive Sprouts pictures from the budding artists in our readers’ families, but please be patient waiting for your artist’s work to appear as response to Sprouts has been so overwhelmingly positive we always have a backlog of art to display!