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I am trying to find the manufacturer of a planter I recently purchased at auction. “Pat’d Aug 11 03” is cast in to the seed box lid. The following part numbers are cast in the various parts: The drive wheel is “AC10,” inside the seed box lid is “AC45” and the axle is “B10?” It has a rod on the left side used to prop it up in the soil while stopped. Frequency of seed drop is determined by dogs on the drive wheel placed at various radius distances. The colors are probably not correct. Would this planter be pulled by a goat or sheep? It’s pretty heavy to push through soil. There is a hook at the rear aimed at the operator. What would that be for? I am also researching Martin Kingman of Kingman Plow Co., Peoria, Ill. Does anyone have any Kingman products I could acquire photos of?

Rich Brehmer, P.O. Box 53, Deer Creek, IL 61733; (309) 447-6435;

  • Published on Aug 22, 2011
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