Great Ideas for Old Iron Holiday Gifts

From bib overalls and engineer caps to tractor books, get your family and friends old iron gifts they’ll enjoy.

| December 2017

Celebrate Americana with U.S.-made overalls from Klein Bros 

Klein overall blues

If you yearn for simpler times, you may want to dress the part, and Klein Bros. Hardware, Malinta, Ohio, can help you do just that.

Klein Bros. Hardware was started by Mike and Karl Klein in 1986, when the brothers purchased Malinta Hardware, which had been in business since the early 1900s. The store is located in the middle of northwest Ohio’s rural heartland, housed in a century-old building that captures the essence of an old-time, small town hardware store.

In addition to a full hardware operation, Klein Bros. offers Round House bib overalls made in the U.S. Overalls are available in the store and at in every size and style (zip-fly, button fly, hickory stripe, low back and heavy duty); engineer caps are available in child and adult sizes.

Round House overalls, many sizes and styles,  Klein Bros.

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