Product Review: Old Iron Tools and Equipment

From a scale-model bulldozer to abrasive blast cabinet, here are some old iron products we think you'll like.

| November 2016


If you can’t squeeze a Caterpillar D4 7U into your collector (or your garage!), surely you can find a home for a 1/16th scale model. Produced for the Antique Caterpillar Machinery Owners Club (ACMOC), this very handsome collectible comes complete with a scale model 4S bulldozer.

Historically accurate and highly detailed, this diecast model celebrates one of the most popular Caterpillar track-type tractors ever produced. Features include individually linked grousers and operable blade. This first-in-series new release is already proving to be a highly sought-after continuation of the previous ACMOC 1/16 scale collection, and is compatible with the #4 Road Patrol Grader and the #2 Terracer.

Online at; email:; (309) 691-5002.


If you’ve ever squandered hours trying to straighten a crumpled tractor grille, this grille tool set from Sunsdahls’ Restoration Tooling is worth a second look. You don’t have to be an expert to use the tool, but you can expect expert results – time after time. The all-steel tool is used with a hammer. Restorers say it’s easy to use, durable, won’t damage the paint and delivers exceptional results.

Specializing in custom-made tools for John Deere, Farmall, Oliver, Case, Ford and Minneapolis-Moline, Sunsdahls’ also offers grille tool sets and specialty tools for John Deere tractors and Lawn & Garden tractors. Instructions and tips are included with every order.

Sunsdahls’ Restoration Tooling, online at; email:; (507) 334-8966; (507) 330-0180.