Profiles: Kevin McWhorter's Mobile Magneto Repair

| 1/25/2011 9:17:22 AM

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Name: Kevin McWhorter
Company: McWhorter’s Antique Iron Repair
Location: 32391 Olympia Rd., Minier, IL 61759
Contact: (309) 303-2634

Profile: I started McWhorter's Antique Iron Repair in 2005. I’ve shown antique engines since 1998 and always had problems with the magneto. I came up with the idea of mobile magneto repair in late 2007 and started in 2008. I attend about 15 shows annually. In 2010 I repaired 196 magnetos at show sites and brought 56 back to the shop for more intense repair.  

The idea behind the mobile service is that I can save the customer shipping plus build trust by meeting them. I repair their magneto while they enjoy the show. My trailer is 8 feet wide and 16 feet long. I am self-sufficient; I have a bed, fridge, microwave, heat and air conditioning in the trailer. Once I arrive on show site I stay until the show is over. It’s been working great! 

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I repair about 375 magnetos per year and have about 1,200 cores in my core bank. I offer service parts and rebuilds. Another benefit to the customer is that I take used parts, bead-blast them clean, inspect, and offer these reconditioned parts at half price. People seam to love it.