The Rollin H. White Legacy

Rollin H. White’s contributions to agriculture, from 1900 to 1965.

| April 2012

1900: Rollin H. White wins a patent for his flash boiler, designed to generate steam safely and rapidly in steam cars. He builds White Steam Touring Cars 1900-’11

1904: White wins gold medal for White Steam Touring Car at Louisiana Purchase Exposition

1909: First White gas car produced

1912: White applies for first agricultural wheel tractor patent (patent awarded 1918)

1916: Cleveland Motor Plow Co. incorporated; name soon changed to Cleveland Tractor Co. and trademarked as Cletrac. Model R crawler production begins

1916: White applies for what would become his most famed invention, controlled differential steering (patent awarded 1918)

6/24/2014 6:42:28 AM

Good information about Rollin H.White, those people who invent the new things in the market they are very laborious. When car lunch first time in the market, its a good achievement for them, who make the car. At the time of making, they first discuss how to make in a proper way for the better performance. In the product, they add the technology, features for the better and how to maintain in a proper way for the long lasting is important.

5/30/2014 1:50:51 AM

Yes, in past days (in the year 1900-1910) people were using steam cars and the contribution of Rollin H. White was really appreciable as he had created the first flash boiler to generate steam which was used in steam cars. After that time in proper interval of time cars came in to the market having features more than the previous car. Now if in this century we take an example of a car, cars are now very much user friendly and have a homely comfort. So, time has changed so also technology. Now, we are having branded cars, green cars as well as electric cars. Our main responsibility for these cars is to maintain them, service them properly and take a comfort and uninterrupted drive.