Show Photos for the 2011 Season

A picture perfect 2011 show season has been captured by our readers and shared here.

| February 2012

Tractor Pull Spectators

Tractor pull spectators covered the hillside at the Le Sueur County (Minn.) Pioneer Power show on Aug. 27, 2011. “Antique construction equipment is shown at front, the stationary steam building is at the back, as well as the sawmill,” writes Dave Preuhs, Le Center, Minn., who sent the photo. “We moved in a 1902 church, double corn crib and granary, and built a new country store for the 2011 show."

Photo by Andrea Griep, Le Center, Minn

Got those midwinter blues? Shake ‘em off with a look at our readers’ best photos from the most recent show season. We think this year’s crop of photos is the best ever but go ahead: You be the judge!

What do we look for in show photos? First, quality. The image must meet better-than-average standards in focus and exposure. Then, in no particular order, we’re looking for a compelling subject, rich color, faces rather than backsides, composition and creativity.

Then there are the wild cards. A good photo can be elevated to a very special photo simply by including pertinent details in the caption (as an example, see the photo submitted by Carl Baumann). Surprise is big: We like photos of things you don’t expect to see at an old iron show (see M.J. Hall’s photo of the cavalry detachment). Then there’s unique perspective (see Lindsey Johnson’s steam engine shot) and composition (see all of Pam Olson’s photos).

We invite you to spend a bit of time with these photos; put yourself behind the lens and imagine what the photographer went through to capture the image. Some of these shots were the result of nothing more than luck and good timing, but others show discipline, skill and passion. If you’ve ever worked with old iron, that’s something you can relate to. FC 

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More, online! Visit Farm Collector's Show Photos to see more readers’ favorites from the 2011 show season. And if you missed the chance to send a photo for this issue, it’s not too late to show off your favorite shots: Just post them on the Farm Collector CU photo sharing website. It’s a great way to share your favorite photos of tractors, gas engines, steam engines, memorabilia, club events and more – and it’s all free! Check it out today at CU FarmCollector.