Show Photos for the 2012 Season

Good clean fun is captured in these show photos from show season 2012

| February 2013

That’s what show season is. Yes, it’s also a lot of work: driving, cleaning, polishing, loading, unloading, hauling, lifting, toting, wrenching and running around — but at the end of the day it must surely be fun, or we wouldn’t keep coming back for more.

Photos in this section represent the very best of those submitted by Farm Collector readers who toted cameras to shows all spring, summer and fall. (To see more, check out the show photos that didn't make it into the issue). Through some kind of happy accident, this year’s selection showcases the fun had by young and old, three or more generations sharing the spirit of show season.

More than a few old iron enthusiasts worry about who will take over the hobby when the elders pass. The answer to that is found in these pages. To paraphrase, if you build it, and if you show them why it’s fun, they will come. All it takes is some old fashioned salesmanship.

Relax; sit back. Spend some time with these photos and remember the sights and sounds and smells of show season. And then share. Show your favorites to a friend, a neighbor, a grandkid. Draw ‘em in; share a smile. Doesn’t cost a dime, and it’s good clean fun! 

To see photos from this year's show season that didn't make the issue, see 2012 Show Photos — Online ExclusiveFC