Show Season 2010 Photos

Photos from Show Season 2010, taken by Farm Collector readers

| February 2011

If given only one word to describe the small mountain of photos submitted for the 2011 Show Photo Issue, you’d have to go short and sweet: fun.  

Certainly this year’s crop of photos – the biggest yet – showcases major restoration projects, projects that swallowed up time, money and hard work in insatiable gulps. You don’t see an immaculately restored steam engine or a tractor with sheet metal shining like a mirror without having a keen appreciation for the labor that went into it. Some of it’s fun, to be sure, but a lot of it is just plain old knuckle busting, gut wrenching and curse-inducing work.

But most of these photos are awash in fun: the camaraderie, orneriness, helpfulness, pleasure and surprise that mark every old engine and tractor show. Spend a bit of time with these photos and savor the moment captured: Traditions kept alive, new ones created; friends helping each other, friends admiring projects so recently completed that the paint’s still tacky. Feel the simple pleasure of watching young’ns grab hold of the hobby; the joy in seeing an old timer’s pride.

Need a reminder of what you love about this hobby? These photos should do it. Sit back, relax and enjoy these glimpses of Show Season 2010 captured by some of your friends: Farm Collector readers, having fun! FC 

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