Steam Schools for 2010

Clubs set schedules for continuing education programs

| February 2010

Each year, historical societies and clubs sponsor continuing education courses, but not of the modern fashion.

Instead, these programs focus on preserving a nearly lost art – steam engineering.

During the reign of steam, a properly trained engineer was indispensable. From basic functions to maintenance to safety, the competent operator knew when, how and what to do, often averting disaster with the correct actions, and a steam engineering course shares that knowledge with you. Here are nine schools scheduled for this year.

Pawnee Steam School

Highland Historical Society
March 27-28; Highland, Ill.; tuition, $40.
Held at Madison County Exposition Hall; tuition includes materials and two meals.

For more information:
Joe Graziana
(618) 558-7956

13th Annual Somerset Steam School

Somerset Steam & Gas Engine Assn.
April 17-18; Somerset, Va.; tuition: $75.
Held at Fairfield View Dairy Farm; focus on education, familiarization and safety in the operation and maintenance of steam engines and boilers. Tuition includes materials and two meals; registration required.

For more information:
Bill Roberts
14375 Blue Ridge Turnpike
Route 231
P.O. Box 492
Somerset, VA 22972
(540) 672-2495

Old Threshers Reunion Steam School

Midwest Old Threshers
May 1-2; Mt. Pleasant, Iowa; tuition: $50.
Held on Midwest Old Threshers show grounds; classroom and hands-on experience. Tuition includes materials and two meals; registration required.

For more information:
Terry McWilliams
Public Relations and Marketing
405 E. Threshers Rd.
Mt. Pleasant, IA 52641
(319) 385-8937

10th Annual Steam School

Central States Threshermen’s Reunion
May 15-16; Pontiac, Ill.; tuition: $40.
Held at Threshermen’s Park. Registration required; class size limited to 50.

For more information:
David Schott
620 S. Vermillion St.
Pontiac, IL 61764
(815) 842-3129