Tractor Show Photo Favorites

A collection of tractor show photos from the 2014 show season.

| February 2015

When we asked readers to send their favorite photos from Show Season 2014, we counted on seeing some great shots of old iron: engines, tractors, implements. What we hadn’t counted on were the family ties, ties that wrap around this hobby as surely as a ribbon around a heart-shaped box of chocolates.

In the following pages, you’ll see some fine amateur photography. You’ll see engines and tractors from all over the country. You’ll see photos of antique equipment being put through its paces. And in many photos, you’ll see every conceivable family connection. Some of the best show family members with family heirlooms.

There is a fair amount of worry throughout this hobby about the dearth of young folks involved in shows and clubs. But as photos in this issue show, old iron is an activity that brings families together as perhaps little else does these days. When you start ‘em out while they’re still in diapers, they’re pretty much hooked for life.

And why not? This is a hobby that offers something for everyone. There are collectors and tinkerers, volunteers and builders, cooks and drivers and ticket-takers. Check out the photos in the following pages, and enjoy the family ties that hold this hobby together! FC