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A Custom Motor Home From a John Deere Model A

By Leslie McManus

Keeping up with the hillbillies is a full-time, fun job in this custom motor home.

Editorial Anarchy

By Leslie C. McManus

Ideas don’t always fall right into place for Farm Collector Editor Leslie McManus. Sometimes, they bring about editorial anarchy.

Field Work Photos From the Past

By the Farm Collector staff

Photos from the past show how field work was once accomplished.

Sell Your Collection the Right Way

By George Wanamaker

When it’s time to sell your collection, careful planning lightens the load.


October 2014 Sprouts

By the Farm Collector staff

Sprouts: A Place for Kids

Lead on Emerson-Brantingham Cultivator?

By the Farm Collector staff

Does anyone know when this cultivator was in production?

Recognize This Milking Stool?

By the Farm Collector staff

A reader seeks the name of the manufacturer of this milking stool.

A Young Collector and the Old Iron Hobby

By Leslie C. McManus

A look at the old iron hobby: From exciting beginnings to collection disposal.