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Each month, Farm Collector brings you a wagonload of articles and features on collectors and collections, early farm practices, and readers’ recollections of “the good old days” of farming. We also share stories of extensive renovations, unique finds, and heritage keepsakes.

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small plowRegular monthly departments:
What is it?: A collection of “mystery” farm equipment artifacts to Idenitfy.
Let’s Talk Rusty Iron: Featured columnist and respected enthusiast Sam Moore offers historical anecdotes related to the hobby.
It’s All Trew: Columist Delbert Trew spins yarns and reflects on “times gone by” .
Restoration of the Month: A spotlight on unique projects from across the nation.
Iron Age Ads : Nostalgic, historic reprints of manufactures’ original advertisements.
On the Road: Reports from the field on collectors and their experiences.
Between Bookends: Our picks and reviews on the best literature dedicated to the preservation of antique farm equipment.
Sprouts: A spotlight for children’s artwork.
The Line-Up: A nationwide listing of shows, auctions and special events.

At Farm Collector, we’re committed to the preservation of vintage farm equipment. And that means sharing your stories. If you have a story about a special piece of equipment, an early farming experience, or a long-defunct equipment manufacturer, by all means, put pencil to paper and share it with us. Also, if you have good quality photographs of classic farm equipment, let us publish them, and spread the memories.

Farm Collector Magazine
Farm Collector Magazine
Dedicated to the Preservation of Vintage Farm Equipment