Joel Sanderson - Sculptor in Iron

| 1/17/2011 12:26:10 PM

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Readers of Gas Engine Magazine were first introduced to iron sculptor and blacksmith Joel Sanderson back in 2006, when Joel wrote a two-part article about adding a 15 HP Reid Type A gas engine to his blacksmith shop. He also checked in June 2009 with an article explaining how he made a versatile carburetor for the Reid.

For Joel, the 15 HP Reid isn’t just a novelty – his livelihood depends on it. As the bio on Joel’s website explains, “Joel has combined the most successful methods of the past with new inventive approaches for working iron, the most versatile of all material.”

Until Joel checks in with another update from his fascinating blacksmith shop, here are a few videos illustrating what Joel does followed by links to the articles he has submitted to Gas Engine Magazine: