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Hay Carrier Collection Out of the Ashes

By Jerry Mattson

A Michigan man’s hay carrier collection was launched by a barn fire.

Sweet Relics of the Past

By Loretta Sorenson

South Dakota collection includes vintage beekeeping equipment.

Maytag Man

By Beth Beavers

Maytag collector amasses an impressive kit of washers, engines and ephemera.

Great Expectations: Jeep Loader Attachments

By Jim Gay

Aftermarket jeep loader attachments struggled to get off the ground and are rare collectibles today.


Full Restoration for Wehr Power Grader

By Kevin Lawrence

A reader shares photos of a nicely restored Wehr power grader in response to a previous letter.

Antique Combine Questions and Answers

By Robert C. Wiseman and David Ruark

A reader shares a photo of an antique combine and has a few questions.

Too Rough to Run?

By Clell G. Ballard

A novel solution puts gnarly, old non-running vehicles back on the parade route.

Loggerhead Shrike Bird Puts Barbed Wire to Work

By Bryan Clothier

A reader tells us of the loggerhead shrike bird, which are known to kill and impale insects on barbed wire.