1870s Wagon Warranty a True Find

| June 2009

  • 1870s Studebaker wagon warranty
    1870s Studebaker Bros. Mfg. Co. wagon warranty.

  • 1870s Studebaker wagon warranty

I found your story “Hidden Truths: An introductory guide to identifying vintage farm wagon brands” (Farm Collector, April 2009) very interesting. I thought you and your readers maybe would be interested in seeing a warranty for a Studebaker wagon, No. 33490, sold in Danville, Ohio, May 15, 1873. The agent’s last name was Ferenbaugh. There are still people in this area with that same last name. The warranty was found, along with tax receipts and the original surveyor’s map and notes, while tearing down the old farmhouse on our home farm in 1969. I believe the wagon was purchased by Amby McNeil, owner of the farm at that time.

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