Antique Barn Pulleys and Hay Equipment

Collectors specialize in antique hay equipment, like barn pulleys and hay carriers

| July 1999

An article in last month's Farm Collector focused on vintage barns. But the items once housed in those barns are just as much interest to serious collectors of farm antiques. 

Interest in barn items sometimes focuses on pieces such as door and stall latches and other fixtures, ranging from the simple to the complex. Barn boards and doors are often recycled in "new" farm buildings and homes, as well as in larger displays of collectibles. Vintage roof-top cupolas sometimes resurface on contemporary structures.

But most often, hay equipment is the category that captivates the collector's attention. Collectibles range from the heavy items, like carriers, suspensions, rails and forks, to smaller pieces, like barn pulleys.

Unless you're a veteran collector, now may be a great time to start accumulating pieces like forks and pulleys. A great variety is still available for reasonable prices at auctions and flea markets, says Missouri farm antiques trader John E. Currie.

"But the old hay slings, which closed around hay to lift it, are about all gone," he says. "All I've seen recently is wooden 2x2s used in the slings."

Except for times when two collectors collide over sale items, John says, prices for most pulleys and forks have stabilized or dropped slightly from a few years ago when there was a surge of popularity.

11/25/2014 9:37:56 AM

Many years ago while driving horses on the hayfork, I pulled a young hired man to the peak of the barn when his hand caught in the pulley. Terrible memory

5/9/2012 1:57:00 AM

Interested in old hay claw to go on my pulley. If you have such, please call 620-429-7712 or email