Antique Old Mouse Traps

Collection of old mouse traps nears 400 mark

| January 1999

Dave Huffman says that feeling "trapped" by a hobby is not necessarily a negative emotion. The Galesburg, III., resident, after all, has collected almost 400 old mouse traps in all sizes and shapes. 

Dave and his wife, Marian, are avid antiquers. About 13 years ago, she bought him an old mouse trap at an antique show. Although Dave is a man and not a mouse, he loved the trap and was pleased when one of his daughters bought him another one. After that, he began trapping the traps himself.

After a while, he ran into an elderly man at an antique show and learned that the man had more than 300 old mouse traps.

"That got me excited," Dave said. "He inspired me."

"A lot of people don't like to think about the gory part," he said.

Dave especially enjoys collecting handmade traps exhibiting fine workmanship.