Collection Underscores Water Pump's Importance to Early Farms

One collector's basement museum of water pumps is based on function

| March 1999

People collect things for many reasons. But for Bob Emery, who collects water pumps, the motivation for his collection is, simply, function. 

"In their times, these pumps were really important," he says. "Every farm and every home had one."

The Emery household in rural Carlinville, Ill., is a water pump showcase, starting at the front yard. The family's mailbox is attached to a pump, and a pump is used as a lawn ornament.

Bob, a carpenter, started collecting water pumps about four years ago. He's an avid collector.

"Lots of pumps are in pieces, and I always give away duplicates," he says. "I buy and restore them."

His collection consists of 20 big water pumps and a dozen smaller ones. Most were made during the 1920s. All have been restored and repainted.