Collector Keeps IH Equipment Working

Duane Huschka, not content letting his collection sit in a barn, uses his IH equipment in farm operation.

| April 1999

Duane Huschka of rural Brodhead, Wis., can make a claim not many others can: "Every furrow I've ever turned in my life has been with an International plow," he says. "I have never used any other kind of plow." 

He's also a collector of red farm machinery who buys not only for nostalgia, but for farm use as well.

"All of them get used throughout the year," he says. "I wouldn't have a tractor unless I could use it." He also has a number of red implements, as well.

Sometimes he finds himself asking which tractor he should take on a particular day.

"It's just a matter of, well, this one hasn't been run for a while, so let's use this one today," he says. "I've found that rotating the tractors through the year in various seasons and various jobs works good. I don't keep batteries in all the tractors, because it's too many to keep all charged up. I might use one tractor for a month for certain jobs, and then I'll park it in the back of the shed and put that battery in another tractor, and I'll use that one for a while. For most of the tractors, changing the battery is a relatively easy job."

To Duane, there is no sound more beautiful than a Farmall M out in the field plowing, "with a nice steady load," he says, "not pulling the guts out of her, but just making her work good. That's my earliest memory of a tractor: me sitting in the sandbox and playing with my own little toy tractors, like most farm kids did, and watching grandpa out in the field plowing with an M. I love to listen to the sound of the M when it's working."