Delightful Dairy Items

Collector revives milking machines, milk scales and other dairy items

| July 1999

Those in the dairy industry will tell you that June is Dairy Month. But for dairy items collector Joe Pedro, every month is Dairy Month. 

Joe, who operates a dairy at Visalia, Calif., has built an extensive collection of everything from milking machines to homogenizers, milk scales to cheese cutters. Housed in a two-story building at his home, the collection takes all comers.

"I don't turn anybody down when they bring me stuff," he said, "or they won't bring it anymore."

Joe's collection is the natural result of a life spent in the dairy industry.

"My first milking machine was a DeLaval," he said. "My dad bought a dairy in '46, and that's what we had. I've been accumulating this stuff since then, but I never had any time to put it together or do anything with it until about 12 years ago."

And time, of course, is what a collection of this caliber consumes in vast gulps. When it comes to restoring the vintage milking machines, for instance, Joe is a master craftsman.