IH Collection on the Road

IH Collection is focus of display on wheels

| October 2000

International Harvester made more than tractors: IH also made refrigerators, freezers, and milking equipment. Almost anyone over the age of 35 can recall those heavy International freezers that Grandma has in her basement, still working to this day. 

Larry Brinkman, Freeport, Mich., has been involved with International Harvester since he was a kid. His dad farmed with IH equipment, and Larry later worked for an IH dealer.

"In 1953, I worked for my uncle, who was an International dealer." he says. "He went out of business in 1960. Then I started up my own dealership with a friend in 1970."

Over the years, Larry and his wife Ruth, held onto his International Harvester collectibles. They had a strong desire to display the IH collection at shows.

"I had a bunch of stuff to show, and I thought I'd like to make a show trailer," he says. "Finally, I found one in Fremont that fit the bill."

It was difficult to find an affordable trailer that was the right size. So when the trailer in Fremont came up for sale six years ago, the Brinkmans jumped at the chance. It took them another four years to convert the old trailer to a traveling International collection. The Brinkmans were ready to roll for show season in 1998. They traveled to their first show in Oakley, Mich., and have been moving ever since.