Blitz Fogger Devices

Collector of Blitz Fogger attachments showcases his relics.

| April 2015

When we look at innovations of the past, some seem primitive. Others have a certain quaint factor. And then there are those that, for a variety of reasons, fall into the incredible! category. Clay Brown’s collection of Blitz Fogger devices is solidly in the latter camp. “Driving through pesticide,” he says, “is just not a safe thing.”

Manufactured for about a decade, from the late 1950s to the late 1960s, Blitz Fogger products were offered as an aftermarket attachment for garden tractors and push mowers. A canister of pesticide (including DDT, chlordane and lindane) was attached to the mower and the contents were fed into the exhaust port. Exposed to heat, the solution became a fog, which was expelled through the exhaust system as a dense cloud.

“I’ve thought about what it would be like to use one of these,” says Clay, who lives in Georgetown, Ohio. “I get a kick out of the ad showing a picture of the woman who looks like Jackie Kennedy, all dressed up in nice clothes, running her garden tractor and blowing fog. That just wouldn’t work out.”

Never say never

Clay’s interest in Blitz Fogger products is an outgrowth of a collection inspired by his daughter, Madison. As she watched her dad show full-size tractors, Madison (then age 9) wanted in on the action. The two settled on garden tractors. After setting her up with her first Case garden tractor (a 1966 Case 150), Clay started looking for related memorabilia. One of his first finds was a 1966 dealer poster offering a Blitz Fogger with purchase of a new Case garden tractor.

Clay was hooked, but other collectors offered little encouragement. “They told me I’d never find a fogger,” he recalls. “They said they were dangerous, they rusted out and people threw them out.”

For some collectors, though, the word never is a green light. In no time, Clay tracked down a Blitz Fog Rover kit. But the handheld, propane-fueled unit had little initial appeal for him. “I didn’t really think I needed that,” he says, “but the more I looked at it, the more I liked it.” Soon he found a Blitz Fogger device for a push mower. Then there was a long dry spell.