Plowing with Multi-Horse Hitches

Vintage multi-horse hitches are part of a South Dakota man’s vision.

| November 2017

Alan Sorensen’s “field of dreams” has always been full of horses hitched to vintage implements. Part of that dream included using multi-horse hitches to plow his fields. Making that dream a reality fueled his search for just the right plow. The rest was just dumb luck.

“My John Deere sulky plow was the first one that I bought,” Alan says. “It was in the late 1970s when I was at an auction at a local farm. Down toward the barn, while I was wandering through the lines of equipment for sale, I spotted a horse-drawn plow in the trees. It was easy to see it had been there a while because a tree was growing up through it.”

After the sale, Alan approached the farmer, inquiring about the possibility of purchasing the plow.

“What do you need for it?” he asked.

“Well, if you can get it out,” the farmer answered, “I should have $10 for it.”

Plows with a reliable design

A few days later Alan – who lives near DeSmet, South Dakota – returned with a saw and a cable to pull the plow out of its longtime resting place. The farmer, watching over the entire project, told Alan he thought he had another plow, “if I can remember where it’s at.”