| February 2002

First, to answer Paul Works' query about his hay press: I would look to Dain as the maker. Dain used a lot of BP numbers and they were a noted hay machinery manufacturer. That is why Deere & Company bought them out in 1911.

Second, I am looking for the cast iron scatter tube that fits under each of the four seed flutes on the American Harrow Co. broadcast seeder pictured above. They hang on the castings shown and are about 6 to 8 inches long. I am willing to pay top dollar for one to four of the tubes, which aren't pictured in the photograph.

- P.T. Rathbone, Lucky Star Ranch, Rt. 1 Box 734, Marsing, ID 83639


I have some pictures of a saw blade holder that my dad made about 30 years ago. It looks suspiciously like the item submitted by the Grensings in the September issue of Farm Collector.

My family was in the saw milling business from about 1935 until 1992, which leads me to believe that my dad made this thing from memory. I don't think he invented it.

His saw holder was made to fit into a vise, the same one shown in the picture. If the object in your magazine is one of these saw holders, it is possible that it is designed to be clamped to a tailgate, with the nail-like point stuck in the ground to stabilize it.