| August 2001

Here is a 'what is it?' Everyone I've asked says they have no idea what this is. The fellow who brought it to us called it an egg beater, but we know it's not. On the tip of the cone is a bolt with leather-like washers on either side. There is nothing to make it turn, but there is a swivel. The tip is cast iron, but there is nothing that engages to cause the beater to turn. We've thought of several things: maybe it was a butter beater, for cheese, threshing or mixing?

There are three (I'd guess) sapling branches bent like cane handles and each end is placed in a hole (there are six holes all together) and nailed in. It's primitive, and I doubt it was ever used too much, as the shaved wood does not seem to be worn down very much. Any information would be appreciated.

- Fred Kraege, 529 S. Gault St., Whitewater, WI 53190-1840


I have a Case Model 2 chopper of some sort laying in a hedgerow rusting away. It is belt-driven from the tractor. Is this something of antique value or is it just scrap iron? Seems pretty much intact. Any thoughts?

- Dennis Bulger, email: dennisb@capital.net


I have recently become the owner of an old grain/hay wagon with a hydraulic lift on the front for emptying the wagon. I found a plate on the back with the manufacturer on it: Martin Weiss of Denver, Colo. It has a serial number on it too: 12 299. Any ideas on how I could find out how old it is?