Massey-Harris Self-Propelled Clipper Combine

Restored 1945 Massey-Harris self-propelled Clipper combine turns heads

| January 2001

Vaughn Hislip of Freelandville, Ind., is enough of a Massey-Harris collector to know that Massey didn't make a self-propelled Clipper combine ... until his son presented evidence to the contrary.

"Well, I was wrong again," Vaughn says with a chuckle.

The owner of a nice line-up of vintage Massey tractors, Vaughn decided to have a look at the 1945 combine. He and his grandson, Garth Hislip, set off to Effingham, Ill., to inspect the Clipper. Then 8 years old, Garth made a quick study of the 55-year-old combine in extreme disrepair.

"Pop," he said, "we don't want anything like this."

By the end of the visit, however, both generations of Hislips were warning to the challenge of restoring the '45 Clipper. On the day when he hauled the Clipper home, Vaughn was grateful for the enthusiastic support of Garth, his not-so-silent partner.

"I've drug home lots of things," he says, "but when she saw this, my wife thought I was crazy."