IH Pull Type Combine Good as New

International Harvester 82 pull type combine used only once in more than three decades

| October 1998

Most vintage farm equipment has been through the mill. It's been used and abused, loved, hated, cussed, kicked and cajoled. But Rick Brunton's International Harvester 82 pull-type combine, now more than 30 years old, has barely even made it out of the shed. 

The story begins with Rick's great-uncle, Bernard "Bean" Kellner. In the fall of 1966, after harvest, Bean bought the combine. That winter, at age 66, he decided he'd had enough, and retired from farming. Plans were set in motion to rent the farmland to a nephew, but he held on to all of his equipment - - including his new 82 - thinking it might come in handy someday.

The 82 was the last of a breed. By 1966, most combines were self-propelled. According to IH archives in Wisconsin, few 82s were built between 1966 and 1972.

A year after purchase, the Kellner combine had its one moment in the sun.

"The next fall, while my uncle was harvesting soybeans, Bean got the 82 out and ran it just enough to see how it worked," Rick said. "Then it was put back in the shed, where it sat until I got it out in 1997."

Rick said he had tried to buy his great-uncle's equipment for years.